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How we breathe affects facial growth and development. Soft tissue such as the tongue, lips, cheeks, tonsils and adenoids influences growth. Certain habits and airway-related issues can contribute to adverse skeletal changes.

In this course, Dr. Bockow will discuss how soft tissue and breathing patterns influence skeletal growth. She will examine similar malocclusions in children and adults, and discuss how the treatment plans differ, depending on the age and skeletal maturation of the patient. For adolescents, treatment plans will focus on growth modification. For adults, both surgical and non-surgical options exist for comprehensive treatment.
You'll Learn:
  • What is the orthodontist's role in the interdisciplinary management of sleep disordered breathing in both kids and adults? 
  • ​What age should we intervene?
  • ​What appliances should we use? When and why?
  • What are our options for non-growing patients? 
  • ​How do we as orthodontists interact and communicate with allied health professionals?
  • ​Does the order of intervention matter when it comes to interventions like tonsillectomy and expansion?
  • What role do TAD expanders play in the treatment of adults with sleep and breathing disorders? 
  • ​What surgical options are available and how do we treatment plan for occlusion, facial aesthetics, and airway?
Your Teacher
Dr. Rebecca Bockow is a dual trained orthodontist and periodontist – the only dual trained provider in Seattle and one of only a handful in the country.

Dr. Bockow completed a highly selective dual-specialty program combining Orthodontics and Periodontics at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a board certified orthodontist and periodontist. While simultaneously enrolled in two residency programs, she also received a Masters in Oral Biology, focusing on intranasal Ketorolac for post-operative implant pain management.

Dr. Bockow lectures nationally on periodontics, orthodontics, interdisciplinary orthodontics, airway, and skeletal growth and development. She contributes to multiple professional journals as an author and editor. Dr. Bockow is also resident faculty at Spear Education.
Course Includes
Module 1 - 1.5hrs
What are airway and sleep issues and why do we care? How does the way we breathe influence facial growth and development?

Module 2 - 1.5hrs
Intervention Strategies: Mandible & Maxilla

Module 3 - 2hrs
Intervention Strategies: Transverse (including TAD expanders) & Jaw surgery
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What your peers are saying about this course...
"This course was one of the most comprehensive, research-based courses I’ve taken looking at not only the teeth, but the person attached to them. Dr. Bockow effectively clarified stages of growth, ideal intervention times, and treatment options for growing patients that I hadn’t been exposed to up until her course. In addition, she showed cases of adults and how to approach the non-growing patients as well. Whether you’re looking to approach your cases differently, expand your practice, or if you want a better understanding of when to refer, I can’t recommend this course highly enough!!!"

Dr. Courtney Lavigne
"Dr. Bockows course is like no other. She goes into great detail about how she evaluates, diagnosis and implements different treatment options based on the patient's specific needs. Her material has really opened my eyes beyond the typical orthodontic course. I definitely feel that I am better equipped to treat my patients because of her material and would highly recommend her course to any dental practitioner."

Dr. Shira Tor
"Dr. Bockow is one of the most respected experts on this subject. She's simply the best. Take the course and I promise you will not regret it."

Dr. Glenn Krieger
"Dr. Bockow's course was everything you want out of high quality CE. An excellent and eloquent speaker, and information that quite simply opens up your eyes to level of dentistry that will change the way you practice dentistry. For someone who is looking to better understand interceptive airway dentistry and orthodontics, this is the best course out there."

Dr. Margaret Richards Frankel
"Having taken hundreds of hours of CEs in the realm of sleep, breathing and craniofacial growth and development, I can honestly say that Dr. Bockow's course is a must for any orthodontist or airway-conscious dentist. She is able to provide extremely well-organized and evidence-based information on these nuances in our field and through her case presentations, effectively provide guidance and instruction for successful implementation. Total game changer!"

Dr. Danelle Walton

This is a course you do NOT want to miss and there is no other one like it.

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Here's What You'll Learn...
  • What is the orthodontist's role in the interdisciplinary management of sleep disordered breathing in both kids and adults? 
  • ​​What age should we intervene?
  • ​What appliances should we use? When and why?
  • ​What are our options for non-growing patients?
  • ​How do we as orthodontists interact and communicate with allied health professionals?
  • ​And more!
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