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Exceptional Clinical Photography Part 2

With Dr. Glenn Krieger

"Exceptional Clinical Photography - Part 2" is a comprehensive guide to the art and science of orthodontic photography. 

Through a series of 3 detailed lessons, we’ll go much deeper into concepts like the clinical capture of lateral and occlusal images, studio lighting, taking lab shots like a pro, and more.

The Aligner Advantage

With Dr. maz moshiri &
dr. jonathan nicozicis

Invisalign is taking over, and orthodontists are abandoning traditional braces in favor of clear aligners at an ever-increasing rate.

You’ll learn how to incorporate clear aligners into your practice, so you can confidently make the best decision based on your patient’s needs. This course is essential for anyone doing aligners.

TMD: Separating Facts From Fantasies

With Dr. jeff okeson

Here, you’ll learn about the latest trends in treating pain and TMJ disorders using orthodontics, how to avoid unnecessary treatments with a few simple tools, and how to make your practice stand out in today's crowded market.  

Note: This course was a one-time only exclusive event. Stay tuned for future events!

Extraction vs. Non-Extraction in Flared or Crowded Cases

With Dr. tom pitts

Presented by Dr. Tom Pitts, this Masters course will begin by exploring how to enhance the esthetics of proclinated or flared cases without extraction. Dr. Pitts will then offer participants non-surgical techniques for managing a cant of the incisal plane, handling class threes (often without buccal shelf screws), and tips on treating an open bite quickly and lightly.

Designing Your New Patient Onboarding System from the Bottom Up

With tracy martin

Patients are coming into the office more prepared and knowledgeable about you and your office. They do not respond to the paternalistic model of Orthodontics and want to feel part of the team. In this course, you’ll get the most up-to-date methods for designing an onboarding process that gives patients an experience they want to share with everyone they know… And they WILL!

2021 Smile Projection - A New Concept In Smile Design

With Dr. david sarver

Uncover what you should be seeing to yield maximally esthetic outcomes, considering concepts like esthetic balance and smile projection.

Practice Management and Marketing for Growth and Scalability


In this course, you’ll get the ONE thing you can do to grow your practice, manage it, and expand into new markets. It’s a step-by-step roadmap for exactly how some of the best orthodontic practices in the world are managing their growth.

The Face of Sleep Disordered Breathing: Advanced Airway Diagnosis And Treatment You Don’t Learn In Ortho School

dr. michael gunson

Learn assessment and treatment strategies for young and old patients with various unhealthy skeletal growth patterns in this LIVE (and recorded) CE session.

Note: This course is no longer available. 
May we suggest "Incorporating Airway Into Everyday Practice" from Semester 1 instead?
Scroll down to learn more.

Radiology and Imaging for
Modern Orthodontists

With Dr. Shiva Toghyani

Here’s your chance to learn how to read 2D and 3D images from a world expert who will give you the confidence to take the next step forward with your exams!


Exceptional Clinical Photography Made Easy - Part 1


Whether you’re an orthodontist or a dentist, this clinical photography course brings you the most insightful lessons on how to capture exceptional clinical photos in your practice. Learn cutting-edge clinical photography for orthodontists and dentists. Capture exceptional photos, improve patient buy-in, track cases, enhance documentation, boost social media presence, and streamline your new patient process.
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Clear Aligner


Most doctors are not using Invisalign's systems the way they were meant to be used. They are spending way too much time on ClinChecks and setting up cases.

This course will provide current best practices for optimal clear aligner biomechanics. You'll also learn to implement strategies for effective time management with digital workflows so you can successfully scale up your practice.

Orthodontic Systems To Simplify Your Practice


Ten major orthodontic systems have been identified which have a multitude of sub-systems. The most successful orthodontic practices have developed, adapted and perfected these systems!

This presentation will present all systems and emphasize those which allow the complexities of an orthodontic practice to be simplified.

Incorporating Airway Into Everyday Practice


In this course, Dr. Bockow discusses how soft tissue and breathing patterns influence skeletal growth. 

She examines similar malocclusions in children and adults and discusses how the treatment plans differ depending on the age and skeletal maturation of the patient.

In-House Aligner Fabrication and Digital Orthodontics


Want to know the simple, easy to learn secrets to creating an efficient digital workflow that will let you scale your in-house aligner operations?

Want to overcome the biggest challenges of a digital workflow and make the right technology choices with 3D printers, design software, plastics, and more?

Learn to build your own in-house lab and gain an unfair advantage over other offices!

Surgi-Dontics Part 1

dr. steven d. sherry

Attain an improved level of comfort and understanding with surgical techniques that can be employed to provide long-term, stable outcomes and short post operative recovery for viable candidates. This course highlights common surgical orthodontic procedures that are widely misunderstood, along with showcasing more involved ones that you can offer to improve your patient's quality of life.


Learning an Entrepreneurial Approach to Practice

With Dr. Glenn Krieger

This program is for residents and orthodontists just starting their careers. You’ll get valuable information about how to get started to create a solid plan for success. 

This course is taught by Glenn Krieger, DDS,MS,FAGD and it comes with worksheets, auxiliary resources from the web and even a suggested reading list for certain sections if you want to learn more.

This course was created to help any orthodontist work through a systematic way of creating mindfulness for many aspects of running a successful practice.

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